Receivables management

For receivables management purposes, we use electronic justice and partnerships with execution offices. We provide complex services ranging from receivable assignment to recovery.

Taking into account the development of IT technology and the transfer of a major part of business agenda to the Internet, our law office provides complex receivables management on-line, through a web interface where our clients can access an interactive summary of their cases and their electronic files; thus, they can continuously inspect the status of their claims. The clients can enter the individual cases directly in our office’s system, which eliminates the need for lengthy document delivery. Our law office takes full advantage of existing technical and legislative possibilities of electronic justice and cooperates with electronic filing services of all courts of the Czech judicial system; it is able to manage a large number of cases simultaneously. The processing of a file from a reminder for payment to submission of a proposal for issuance of an electronic payment order does not take longer than several days, thanks to the electronic form of the file and electronic contacts with the authorities, just like the potential judicial enforcement of the issued electronic payment order in an execution proceeding. In the receivables management segment, our office therefore offers complete on-line receivables management from assignment to judicial discovery proceedings and final recovery through a contractual partner – execution office. During the judicial recovery of entrusted receivables, our law office does not charge any hourly or any other rate, lump-sum fee or travel expenses and does not require any reimbursement of postal fees etc. for the services. The only reward for the law office for the provided services, not covered from the client’s financial resources, is a remuneration pursuant to Decree of the Ministry of Justice No. 484/2000 Coll., as amended, (Decree on Lump-Sum Compensation of Costs of Litigations) and Decree No. 177/1996 Coll. (Advocacy Tariff), as amended. The debtor is forced to pay these amounts along with the recovered debt in the final court decision. This reward is limited and applies only if the debtor actually pays the whole due amount. The court fees are therefore the client’s only costs in connection with debt recovery in the discovery procedure. The rewarding rules specified above also apply adequately to the partner execution office.