About us


Our office genuinely strives to seek a legally exact and always pragmatic and efficient solution for our clients at a price adequate to the final outcome. We create a team of lawyers for each client and each transaction, formed to ensure optimum expertise and experience as well as mutual substitutability. Our office provides its services with a huge emphasis on consistent compliance with the Advocacy Act and the professional regulations of the Czech Bar Association, protection of each client’s interests, respect for the confidential nature of any information obtained in connection with the delivery of legal services and avoidance of any conflict of interest that could put such priorities at risk. Our team of lawyers always wishes to establish very good and permanent working relationships with our clients, based on a maximum degree of loyalty and trust. We strive not to hamper trade – we boost it.

Law office profile

In cooperation with leading Czech tax advisors, notaries and executors, we provide complex legal services in many fields of law, in particular to business entities and clients at the public administration and local government levels. The law office keeps the full legal agenda for its clients in Czech as well as English, including in particular: • participation in direct negotiations with the client’s partners in the Czech Republic and abroad; • preparation of all contract documents, including monitoring and evaluation of the progress of contractual relationships in connection with their implementation; • preparation of possible legal alternatives for individual business cases, with the goal to achieve effective legal and economic outcomes; • client representation in all judicial, arbitration and administration proceedings; • outsourcing of legal services through the delivery of complex or partial legal services with the agreed frequency, including in the client’s seat; • legal audits; • complex legal arrangements for the implementation of business projects in close cooperation with tax advisors; • public procurement consultancy; • establishment of companies, transformations, mergers and acquisitions, acquisition offers, group-level relationships; • administration and recovery of receivables in close cooperation with execution offices; • official custody and signature legalization services etc.


Out office’s personnel have long-term experience in particular in trade contract law, corporate law, including group-level relationships, mergers and acquisitions, insolvency law, legal relationships concerning properties, building law, energy law, international private and process law, but also public procurement and administrative law, representation in administrative, judicial and arbitration proceedings conducted by administrative bodies and courts at all levels, including international, and other related areas. Our personnel are also experienced in the delivery of legal services to public administration and local government entities, e.g. in the field of public procurement, subsidies and state guarantees, property administration, debt recovery etc.


Our law office regularly provides complex legal consultancy to crucial Czech suppliers of large investment projects, business entities in energy, well-established property development and real estate companies, architectural, designing and construction firms, real estate dealers, financial companies, insurance companies, leading entities in foreign trade and international logistics, hospitals and specialized healthcare facilities, but also public offices, municipalities and allowance organizations. Thanks to the language skills of its personnel, the office regularly provides legal services to foreign business entities operating on the Czech market. In the past our office’s personnel participated e.g. in the arrangement of group-level relationships within a traditional Czech group of engineering companies, cooperated on the preparation of contract documents for the purchase and sale of a major package of bonds issued by a Czech betting and lottery company, prepared contract documents for the purposes of construction of a biofuel manufacturing plant, participated in the sale of a majority package of shares of a Czech mineral water producer and provided legal services for large property development projects and energy projects. Our law office is an expert partner for the portal Solarnews, dealing with the issue of construction and operation of photovoltaic power plants.